About the event

Do you have a magnetic personality? Is your beauty enchanting? Are you exceptionally talented? If yes then it’s time to flaunt it!

Head Shed is here with Face of the Year Beauty Contest, a talent hunt for men and women with charisma, charm and a dynamic personality – something that makes them stand out.

Enrollment is limited to Barrackpore and it’s surrounding area. To enlist for the contest, visit our registration base.


Fillers between the Rounds

Creative dance


Event timeline

20th January, 2020
Last date of entry submission & selection round
Day to day collection of data and portfolio pictures

1st February, 2020
Preliminary round
Walk the ramp to impress the jury and get shortlisted for the Grand Finale

6th February, 2020
Final grooming round for Grand Finale candidates
Practice your stance on the ramp before the Grand Finale

7th February, 2020
Grand Finale

Round 1: Introduction round where 50 participants dressed in casual western or party wear will walk the ramp while the host introduces them briefly.

Round 2: The ethnic round, where 5 finalists will be shortlisted based on their grace and x-factors. The evaluation will be done by the eminent personalities from Kolkata.

Round 3: The talent round where participants will be showcasing their talents in front of the judges and the audience.

Round 4: The western party wear round. Participants will be walking the ramp flaunting long dresses/gowns sponsored by our wardrobe partners.

Round 5: The final evaluation round. After this round the judges will be declaring the winner along with the 1st and the 2nd runners-up.



Grooming Session

Participants will be groomed under the following areas during the session:

  • Gestures and appearances
  • Mannerism
  • Soft skill development
  • Ramp walk
  • Head-to-toe makeover which includes hair, attire, makeup and accessories




Face of the Year is a platform for the participants to get noticed by the industry stalwarts. Get noticed and get a chance to work in the movies or TVCs.

  • Participants will be enrolled in to national modelling agency with a prospect of working with big brands in advertisement
  • Participants will get a chance to make their mini portfolio and take grooming advise from the mentor. While the Final 50 will get can option to create a composite card portfolio.
  • The finalists will be awarded with a memento and a certificate from the industry stalwarts.


Terms & conditions

Eligibility & Acceptance

Participation is not area specific. Anyone can enroll for the competition.

Former winners of the title Face of the Year are not eligible to compete again for the same title. Former entrants and finalists are eligible to compete again.

Official Language:

English, Bengali and Hindi are the official languages.
Participant can be proficient in any three.



The judgement will be based to multiple parameters and standards.


Participants are allowed to talk to their mentor if they have any queries about the areas of improvement.


The decision of the jury member will be final and binding and cannot be challenged by anyone.


Code of Conduct

Participant shall be a person whose background is not likely to bring in to disrepute the Competition or the Licensee or the Promoter or any person associated with them.


Entrant affirms that s/he is and will continue to be a person of good moral character; that s/he has not committed and will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and conventions or that will reflect unfavourably on the competition, its representatives, sponsors and/or licensees; that s/he has not appeared in, or posed for, any nude or provocative photographs prior to, during the preliminary or contest finals, or during his/her reign should s/he become a grand finalist or the titleholder.


Participant will conduct himself/herself in a courteous, professional manner at all times during the competition and while representing the title Face of the Year.


Participant will not slander or libel other Participants, judges, staff or anyone else involved with or connected to the contest. Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks against Face of the Year will result in immediate disqualification, forfeiture of any and all prizes and awards won, and legal charges.


Any Participant found publicly posting slanderous remarks on public forums will be immediately disqualified.


Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Disruptive behaviour before, during, or after the pageant may result in disqualification, removal from the premises, and legal charges.



All deadlines for photographs, and Participant information are strictly enforced and must be adhered to by entrant.


Disqualification / Title Relinquishment

If Participant is disqualified or relinquishes, for any reason, any title awarded to him/her, all prizes must be returned in full, and in condition received.